Three great books on social media

I love to read as much as I can about most any subject. While writing my second edition of The Heart of Networking, I have focused on social media content. In the last week I have read three books I would like to share with you.

The first is Chris Brogan’s Social Media 101. Chris has broken the book into 87 vignettes making it easy to find pertinent information. Every vignette is well worth reading for context but you can start or stop anywhere and not be lost. 

The second is Why now is the time to CRUSH IT by Gary Vaynerchuk. Although the book and the author are a bit brash, there are pearls of wisdom in every chapter. I especially liked his branding yourself ideas.

The third is by a new friend of mine, Justin Honaman’s Make It Happen. Justin’s book is a template for living a very successful life personally, professionally, and spiritually. I can not say enough good things about this gem. I filled my book with lots of yellow highlighter so I can go back and digest over time.

Hope you enjoy each of these books. If you have a few favorites, I would appreciate you sharing them with me and those who follow this blog.

Ricky Steele

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