The Day Chris Brogan Followed Me On Twitter

Waking up at 5:00am on Saturday is usually not something I do. However, I have a full day and then Sunday morning, I leave for a week’s vacation. The first thing I do every morning regardless of when I arise or what day it happens to be, is check my messages. This morning, I was surprised, delighted, and nervous to learn that one of my mentors, Chris Brogan, began following my twitter feed around midnight, May 28th, 2010. I have never had the privilege to meet Mr. Brogan but I follow his tweets, blog, and books. You could easily say that he has mentored me from afar. I have been using social media since 2003 or 2004 and there is still much more I don’t know than I know by a 100x factor. However, in the past year after reading about Chris Brogan on someone’s blog, I have learned much. My copy of Social Media 101 is scored with more yellow highlighter than original text. I have also bought 5 or 6 copies so far for others which is a lesson I learned from Tim Sanders in his life altering first book, Love is the Killer App.

Back to the subject, I certainly hope that those of you who know me personally, know that I am not one to make a big deal of myself preferring to put the spotlight on others. I have had a full life and if it ended today, I would look back with great joy knowing that I had experienced many things that others have not had the same opportunity. Knowing Chris Brogan is following my tweets has given me a sense of appreciation for what I have learned and tried to replicate. Needless to say I am in debt to all of those who helped me move into the essential world of social media. Jenny DeVaughn, The Searchologist Mr. Jim Stroud, Tom and Alexa Ellis, Sherry Heyl, Kevin Horwarth, and all my cutting edge friends at Definition 6 laid the foundation and I am deeply grateful. Having Chris Brogan following me has also made me a bit nervous. Will I share content that every once in awhile gives him information that he did not have as he has done for me often? Time will tell but the responsibility is not taken lightly. In reality, I accept the same responsibility to do my best to provide content that is beneficial for everyone who is very kind to visit any of the social media platforms I frequent. 

Thank you Chris Brogan for making my day. A huge Thank You to so many of you who make every day of my life richer than I deserve. I am in your debt.

Ricky Steele


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