The Heart of Networking

heart of networkingThe Heart of Networking Second Edition is now available for purchase in print and Kindle e-reader format. Check out what people are saying about the new edition on

The updated edition includes all of the original book in addition to sections on social media networking. Steele shares examples of how he uses LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to accelerate his business development activities. The book also includes the story of Steele’s greatest success using his personal network to not only change his life but to change his community and the world, Atlanta’s Table.

When Ricky Steele came to Atlanta from Columbus, Georgia, he didn’t know a soul outside of family members. Within months, he was at the heart of the city’s business community and, over the years, has built one successful enterprise after another, enjoying association with the likes of The Coca-Cola Company, Korn/Ferry International, and PricewaterhouseCoopers, among many others.

As Allan DeNiro, former Vice Chairman of the Board for Chicago-based candy giant Brach and Chief People Officer of Havertys, recently remarked, “Ricky Steele simply knows everybody.”

Good luck? A miracle?

Not at all. Just hard work, hard and smart.

In practical, straightforward, real-world language, The Heart of Networking reveals the secrets of building your own business network. That means nothing less than making a business environment that enables and promotes your own success by creating satisfaction among clients, customers, colleagues, bosses, investors, and the community. Steele’s little book is a blueprint for business life, and while it requires a lifetime commitment to an ethic of service and excellence, the networking system offered here also pays immediate dividends.

In nine candid and concise chapters, The Heart of Networking presents Ricky Steele’s own remarkable story and tells you step by step–

  • How to make those first all-important networking connections
  • How to create a savvy networking strategy and deploy effective networking tactics
  • How to overcome resistance in others
  • How to invest in networking
  • How to use the right social media networking tools effectively
  • How to combine the power of social media with in-person networking
  • How to make the most of networking events
  • How to take ownership of your networking contacts
  • How to reach the people with the power to do business with you

The Epilogue, which concludes the book, is a revealing look at a philosophy of networking that is also a plan for life.

How to win friends, not arguments

“You see,” Steele explains, “a successful networker understands and believes that his or her first mission has nothing to do with selling anything to anybody. The mission of networking is to build relationships, which may or may not lead directly to business one day. Build enough relationships, and you have created an environment favorable to your success. Instead of scrambling for a sale on Tuesday and another on Friday, you will have enabled a universe of potential customers and clients, who, collectively, produce a steady stream of sales for which you need not scramble.”

The Heart of Networking, 2nd Edition is also available as a  Kindle e-book. Purchase it now, direct from Amazon for only $7.99.

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