TAG Twitter Competition: Why Am I ALL IN?

A number of people have asked me why I would spend so much time trying to win a competition that awards no prize. My reason is simple, I am not trying to win for a prize or win for my ego although some might question that last part. My reason for participating is to share all the great things happening in the technology community in the only state I have ever lived, Georgia.

The URL: http://ow.ly/iWMlC is for the 2013 State of the Technology Industry Report created by the Technology Association of Georgia.  A lot of time, energy, and funding was involved in creating this report and it should be read by everyone interested in the Georgia Technology community. VC Funding, M&A Activity, Trends, New Company relocation and so much other important information can all be found in this report.

In a 140 character Twitter message you just can’t share the whole story. I hope in our excitement and hype to receive your Re-Tweets, you did not miss the focus for the tournament.

I am confident that a high percentage of you Re-Tweeted my post for no other reason than our friendship. For that I am grateful and very thankful. Heck, I am blessed!

I don’t know how many folks read the report or even knew there was a report: http://ow.ly/iWMlC. I created this blog post to put the focus on the report. Get excited about Georgia technology and discover #WhereGALeads.

I want to thank Tino Mantello at TAG and my friends at Arketi, especially Mike Neumeier and Ashley Biondich for including me in the competition.


PS: My next match is Tuesday, April 2nd at 12:00pm with one of Atlanta’s most exciting companies, AirWatch. I look forward to a spirited contest.

@rickysteele is Atlanta born and Georgia bred and I am passionate about my community.

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