Networking Through Speaking Engagements

I am amazed that more people do not take advantage of the opportunity to speak about their passion. There are many groups hungry for a new speaker or a new topic. I speak as often as I can on networking. 75% of the speeches are “free” but I do get paid from time to time. I do the same amount of work for either speech. I love sharing what I have learned over the past 30 years. And as far as free speeches, some of my largest clients at Hunter Technical Resources were met at a “free” speaking engagement. I do not sell or promote my company but if people feel connected from my presentation, a number of them will come up after my speech to chat. Many of these folks want me to help them in some way and I do my best to help them. Many of those conversations have turned into great friendships. Many have turned into clients. I will share more on this subject when the second edition of The Heart of Networking is published later this year.

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