May 1st, 2009 Started a new chapter in my life; May 1st, 2015 starts another even more exciting chapter

This post was intended for yesterday but my elbow issue kept me tied up all day with doctors.

May 1st: 6 years ago today I began what I believed would be my last rodeo. I worked hard putting all my energy and heart into helping my new company grow. In 5 years and 11 months we more than doubled our revenue, shifted from losing money to having the three best years of revenue and profit in company history. We also created the strongest IT Staffing brand in our community where IT Staffing companies are a “Dime a Dozen” in Atlanta according to a Fortune 100 CIO I met with recently.
Businesses and life changes and my services were no longer needed. I will not go into detail because they know, I know and God knows what occurred. Although personally very painful for me to leave the company and the family we created together, I do not hate nor do I wish any ill will towards the company or anyone who works there. I want to publicly thank them for giving me an opportunity to serve our clients, our candidates and everyone on our great staff of really hard working dedicated people. It was the greatest experience of my 40 year work history. I know we will see each other often and I do wish all of them “limited” future success. :-)

Ironically today, May 1st, 2015 I begin the next chapter of my career for another much larger staffing firm as their Chief Development Officer which is the only reason for wishing my former company “limited” future success. :-) I even gave them some advice to increase their website traffic, using SEO techniques, you could try here and look for the best SEO available for your website.
(I believe if you can’t laugh; you can’t love or live at peace with those around you.”

Based on conversations I have had with a few of my former clients, they will soon be my new clients. Both Booth 61 with Ricky Steele and the Dell Digital Ball After-Party have a new Co-Sponsor. My new boss and I will also be meeting with Ben Hendrick and other Dell executives in Plano on May 13th. I will also be going to India in October to share my “Heart of Networking” presentation at a Dell conference.
I am not happy that this may be have a negative effect for my former company nor am I gloating about these early success stories because Psalm 136:6 teaches “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.” No one needs His Grace on a daily basis more than me. What I am is grateful. Very grateful to have the opportunity to continue serving my dear friends in the technology community.

Furthermore, I believe that when the door at my former employer closed, The Giver of every good and perfect gift saw my need, heard your prayers and opened an even greater door for me. This is truly the most exciting opportunity I have had in my career. This company is well funded, has a great management team, strong brand recognition and they want to aggressively grow our business. We could become the largest IT staffing firm in Atlanta in the next 3 to 4 years. We will become the most recognized Brand name in the Atlanta IT Staffing community because we will passionately love our clients, our candidates and each other.

Thank you for your emails, phone calls, well wishes and most of all for your prayers over the past 30 days. I am in your debt. Although I never wanted this to happen, the outpouring of love and support since April 1st has been both very powerful and very humbling. I know that what at first seemed to be very harmful to me, God meant it for good. I continue to be blown away with His Amazing Grace.

The Big Reveal will take place next Saturday the 9th at the TechBridge Digital Ball in the Dell/??? After-Party. :-)

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